Friday, October 16, 2015

Family Reading Night

by Kaylee Beekman

On October 15th Family Reading Night took place. It was at the Grade School from 6:00-7:30.

Many families came out and had a great time! The 7th graders had a live wax museum. Each 7th grade

student was assigned a character that made a difference in our country’s history and was assigned to

memorize a summary of their character. Each “wax statue” had a button placed in front of them and

once you clicked it they would tell you all about themselves. There were Jesse James, Sacagewea, Al

Capone,  Abraham Lincoln, Abigail Adams, Mary Todd, and so many more! The 8th graders also

contributed to the night by presenting their Science Projects. Each student had their project out for

people to look at, read about, and to explain it to them. FEA contributed by reading to groups of

students, Kindergarten through 7th Grade. It was a family and community event that was very successful.