Friday, October 16, 2015

It’s Time

By Nathan Nowatney
October 14, 2015

Would you like to hear a ghost story? It’s not just any story. It’s a real story. And it happened here, right in this very school...

It was a night very similar to this one, almost a year ago today. The day where masked ghouls, and skeletonous beasts rise from their earthly tombs, and roam around the earth of their own volition.

Some say the only way to sate their hunger for your eternal soul is to present them an offering- and once presented, they’ll pass over your home, and head right to the next. They’ll visit every family in the town until they’re satisfied… and if you don’t present an offering? Well… we don’t talk about what happens then. Some say it’s a worse fate than death itself.

Ghost stories aside, Halloween’s coming up! It’s a very fun and exciting time of year! Parties, trick or treaters, and costumes galore. It’s a great time that I’m sure everyone has wonderful memories of.

And even more, on Friday, October 30th, bring your costume to school and show it off! Make sure to keep it safe and keep it appropriate for school.

Have a safe and fun Halloween- you should be scared. Very scared.