Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Student Interview

By Kayla Zimmerman

      I asked Timmy Lingle, his opinions / thoughts about school, and such.     

             here are the question I asked and the answers I received.

  1. Q: What are your thoughts about school?
           A: It’s boring, besides PE but there is parts where I can talk to my friends.

  2.     Q: What’s your favorite school lunch?
          A:  crispitos.

3.     Q:  What’s your favorite subject?
        A:  PE because I get to do sports.

4.     Q: Who is your favorite teacher and why?
       A: Mr. Muntz because he’s fun / funny & he’s not a strict teacher.

5.     Q: If you could have a perfect school what would it be like?
        A: it would have no homework, and you would have fun.