Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Who's Taking a Pie to the Face?

Hunter Langley
  This week is yearbook week at Hartsburg-Emden High School. With multiple activities going on, there is also a pie to the face contest. Every day at lunch there will be five jugs on a table with the names that follow on them: Mr. Ziemba, Mr. Pluhm, Toni Coit-Kirk, Chris Huffman, and Nathan Nowatney. Every day students will be allowed to put money in the jug of who they want to win. The winners will consist of one teacher and one student. Coins are counted as positive votes and cash is counted as negative votes. Next Thursday, the 15th, there will be a assemble held in the gym and we will find out the winner and watch them get a pie in the face! Make sure to vote for your friends!