Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Hartem takes on rival Mt. Pulaski

By: Brady Wolpert
September 22, 2016
Mt. Pulaski High School

Thursday evening the Hartsburg-Emden Stags took on the Mt. Pulaski Hilltoppers. The Stags started off playing excellent and fought and won the first match by just two points: 26-24. The teams switched sides of the court and made the game very interesting. The Hartem Stags didn’t come out to play the second game, but the Toppers sure did. The Toppers came out hot the second match and destroyed the Stags winning by 9: 25-16. Now that both teams have won a match each, the two teams sent their Captain out for the coin toss. Ashley Zinser, Stags team Captain, won the toss and of course chose the side we first won on. But unfortunately the Toppers came out with more momentum and defeated the Stags by only 3: 25-22. The girls played their hearts out and that’s all that matters, win or lose.