Thursday, September 15, 2016

High school golf takes on the Tomahawk Conference

By: Brady Wolpert
Sept. 12, 2016

On Monday September twelfth, the Hartem/Delavan high school golf team took on five different teams from the Tomahawk Conference. After a windy day and a rough outing from the team, they ended up coming in third in the standings. The team shot an average of five over from the outing before. John Robinson, Head Coach, “believed it was going to be between us and Illini Central.” He also goes on to state, “We didn’t play all that well and when our five and six golfers shoot 112, that’s not going to do it; But, that is going to happen on certain days.” After losing by only one stroke and tieing for second, they had to have a tie-breaker. The Hartem/Delavan golf team ended up not winning that either. From nearly winning the outing to being in third is never what we hope for. Although the winning the Tomahawk conference is huge, the team's pride is larger.