Thursday, September 22, 2016

New teacher at Hartsburg-Emden- Part 2

Sept. 21, 2016
by Kaitlyn Perschall

I interviewed another one of the new teachers. I interviewed Mrs.Simonton. She is our new Social Studies teacher. I asked her 6 questions the questions were…

  1. How did you hear about our school?
  2. What made you want to work here?
  3. Do you like it here so far?
  4. What’s your favorite thing about our school so far?
  5. Why did you choose our school to work at?
  6. What made you want to be a teacher?

I interviewed Mrs.Simonton 1st hour. Her answers were…

  1. “I knew Mr.W because ours sons are in the same class.”
  2. “It’s similar to the high school I went to.”
  3. “Yes.”
  4. “Everyone is friendly.”
  5. “The reputation, size and friendliness.”
  6. “I like helping people to learn.”