Thursday, September 22, 2016

Journalism Field Trip

Sept. 22, 2016
by Madison Farris

The Journalism class went on a field trip to Riverton High School to a yearbook workshop to make the yearbook as great as possible. The class learned a lot about theme, cameras, and how to sell advertisements better. The class consisted of Brady Wolpert (senior), Chris Huffman (senior), Zach Phillips (junior), Alex Vetter (junior), Hayden Vetter (sophomore), Ivy Merz (sophomore), and Madison Farris (sophomore). The class was missing Alexus Buckles, Kaitlyn Perschall, and Maddie Shawgo. The class learned about how to tie in theme throughout the yearbook, and how to add verbal tie-ins to the yearbook. The class learned a lot, and managed to have a good time. They enjoyed pizza, cookies, and drinks. “It was a great experience and helped me to understand the yearbook better. I really enjoyed the whole experience.” - Ivy Merz.