Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Livestock Judging- results

Sept. 27, 2016
by Hayden Vetter

The Hartem FFA went to Livestock Judging on Friday September 16th, in Baylis, IL at John Wood Community College Agriculture Building where they competed with many different FFA groups. The Hartem FFA group did great this year: Brody Baker got 5th overall on the junior varsity team. Brody Baker has been around many different livestock animals his whole life, and showed cattle, so when it comes to judging livestock he knows what he's doing. Other students did great as well and the students that didn't know much of what they were doing and how to judge learned a lot on how to judge for the next time.  Livestock Judging consists of judging beef cattle, sheep, Boer goats, and pigs. Livestock Judging is a great learning tool on how to pick animals that are sound and will provide the best breeding and meat production.