Thursday, September 22, 2016

Yearbook Ad Day a Success

Sept. 16, 2016
by Alexus Buckles

Ad day was a fun and busy day for the Journalism class of 2016. All the students got on the mini bus and made their way to Lincoln to find sponsors for our yearbook. Ad day was considered a success by Mrs. Folkman. We sold 16 ads so far and made a total of $855 in revenue. The Journalism class is still trying sell ads to companies we haven’t talk to yet. The day started up in the square of Lincoln (by the courthouse.) and we made our way around town.
The Journalism class is trying their hardest to make this year’s yearbook a great and positive one. We want all our yearbooks to look their best but I think this yearbook is going to be a special one. After we sold some ads at the square we as a team went to Pizza Hut to enjoy a delicious lunch and to rest for awhile. Once we finished at Pizza Hut we hit a couple places nearby then went down towards the outside of the square. We hit a few businesses there then went  down Kickapoo St. and hit a few places there.
We made a goal before we left, we wanted to sell enough ads to make $700. We made our goal shortly afterwards. Mrs. Folkman said if we met our goal we could go out for milkshakes. So once we met our goal the journalism team went to Steak n’ Shake and got milkshakes for the road. When we left their we made our way back to school. By the time we got back school was just letting out so we all got to go home once we got there.
If you have a chance to take Journalism, I would recommend it. It’s a lot of fun and you get to explore being a journalist. If you have any recommendations for a business that may be willing to buy a ad let someone in the journalism class know or tell Mrs. Folkman. We are always willing to take your recommendations.