Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Students' Opinions on Dress Code

Sept. 26, 2016
by Alexus Buckles

Our dress code here at Hartsburg-Emden Jr. Sr. High School is a subject that is talked about a lot. You hear mostly the girl students talk about it. I interviewed a few students to get their opinions on our school dress code. Kaitlyn Perschall was who I interviewed first.
My questions were the following:
  1. What is your opinion on the school dress code?
  2. Do you think the school dress code is important?
  3. How can the school dress code affect your learning process?
  4. What can our school change to make the dress code better?
Kaitlyn explained to me what she thought. She seemed to be thinking more of being treated fairly.
  1. “The shoulder rule is irrelevant,” she says. Shoulders aren’t distracting for anyone.
  2. Kaitlyn believes that some of the rules in our dress code are acceptable. Like the no short shorts and stuff like that.
  3. “What other people wear doesn’t affect my learning. I think students should be comfortable,” Kaitlyn said.
  4. Kaitlyn also believes that teachers/staff members shouldn’t make a big deal out of the school dress code.
Denver Merz was the seconds student I interviewed. He kept it short and simple.
  1. “I found the dress code to be pretty legit,” Denver said
  2. He agreed that the dress code is important, but didn’t really state why.
  3. “I don’t want to look over and see a guy shirtless,” Denver stated.
  4. “I don’t really care if we change the school dress code,” Denver said.
Next was Olivia Garcia.
  1. Olivia believes that most of the rules about the dress code are okay. She doesn’t understand the shoulder and the open back rule though.
  2. She believes the school dress code is important.
  3. “I don’t think what other students wear are distracting. That’s their business,” Olivia stated.
  4. “I just think that the dress code should hold everybody to the same standards,” Olivia said
The last student I Interviewed was Dylan Duvall.
  1. Dylan says he has all good intentions towards the school dress code.
  2. He thinks the school dress code can be important in some ways.
  3. He believe what other kids wear can be distracting.
  4. He doesn’t think the dress code needs changed at all.
All students have their own opinion on the dress code. Some can’t stand it where others don’t let it bother them. These students are just a few of many. The dress code isn’t as strict as some schools. Look at the bright side,  at least we don’t have to wear uniforms.