Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Land of Lincoln CEO- A new opportunity for students

Sept. 23, 2016
by Maddie Shawgo

    The Land Of Lincoln CEO program is offered through Lincoln and is open to students from Logan County. The CEO program teaches leadership, encouragement, and creativity. The class takes place during the school year. For the first semester all students in the class meet at Abraham Lincoln Memorial Hospital in Lincoln, second semester students will meet at Central Illinois Ag in Atlanta.
    During the class students have the chance to meet multiple different business owners. The class not only helps students with business skills but it also gets their name out there to different business owners. For the class the students will create a group business together, then second semester each student will create their own personal business.
    The class consists of fourteen students from Lincoln, Greenview, Olympia, and Hartsburg-Emden. Lincoln students are Anthony Brummett, Lauren Canady, Joy Chi, Adriana Doolin, Noah Henry, Joshua Linares, Ariana Spencer, and Trent Whitham. The student from Greenview is Adam Dorosheff. Olympia students are Alex Weber and Bond Robertson. Hartsburg-Emden students are Hunter Langley, Madison Shawgo, and Ashley Zinser. The class is run and instructed by Jason Mauhar, who runs his own landscaping business.
    The CEO class is different from regular classes because it gives students the opportunity to be in real life situations. It gives them great learning experiences with the opportunity to take risks. Jason encourages more students to apply next year for the program.